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Who Are We?

We are many people from many backgrounds. Many have come due to circumstances or desire for something new, yet others are life-long members. Some of us enjoy a traditional worship service, while others prefer contemporary settings.

Some of us root for the Vikings, while others cheer for the Packers. Different in so many ways, yet we share a common place before God. We are all broken sinners who have been put together as God’s family in grace. Like stones that are cut and placed into a building, we are “living stones” (I Peter 2:4-6) in the house of God, built on the Rock of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Enter our house, and you will find a smile, a welcome,

and an extension of God’s peace.


Sunday Schedule

9:00 am - Worship Service
10:15 am - Education Hour
Join us for our bible study opportunities

Here at Saint Peter Lutheran Church


Mondays: 9:AM to 10:AM

Tuesdays 10:AM to 11:AM

Wednesday: 6:30 PM to 7:PM Devotional Worship with Communion

7:PM to 8:PM Bible History and Lutheran Catechism (On Break for the Summer)

Sundays: 9:AM to 10:AM Worship with Communion

10:15 AM to 11:AM Sunday School (On Break for the Summer)

10:15 AM to 11:AM Bible Study